Styrofoam Milk Bottle Fill

Styrofoam bead bottle fill is available and is a great way to show off pyro milk bottles.  As seen in the picture below, foam-filled milk bottles appear to have milk inside from a distance and pyro lettering and graphics stand out and display nicely. This fill we have for sale is very fine beads. The fill comes packaged in a plastic bag and shipped inside a corrugated box for easy handling.

The styrofoam beads can used for making FLOAM or other CRAFT projects. This website has a recipe to make homemade FLOAM.

I sell this bottle fill in two sizes:

To place an order for fine Styrofoam bottle fill, send you shipping address to You will receive a return message for the price of the 32 quart and 104 quart sizes, as delivered by UPS. This change in the process of purchasing fill is to be able to provide fill at the lowest price. Increases in the cost of US Postal Service rates to many locations means that I can't post specific prices on the web page anymore.

When fill is placed into the bottles, it will tend to settle. You can shake it down in the bottle at the time you are filling it by holding the bottle in one hand and bumping it against your other hand. This will minimize settling in the bottle. TO ORDER, send your remittance and shipping address to Ralph & Bonnie Kipp, 836 Lehmen Dr., Chester, IL 62233.

Hint:  When placing caps into the cap seat of bottles, use a metal washer or coin to push the cap into place.  A good insertion of the cap helps to keep the cap looking good for a long time.

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