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Styrofoam bead bottle fill is back! This is a great way to show off pyro milk bottles. The fill comes packaged in a plastic bag and shipped inside a corrugated box for easy handling. The styrofoam beads can also be used for making FLOAM or other CRAFT projects. Click here for more information.

On April 1, 1929, my parents (Gottfried and Hermine Kipp) began bottling milk on a dairy farm near Chester, IL. The production of milk was primarily from Jersey cows. Customers were pleased to purchase milk with a deep cream line. Milk was bottled on the farm until 1951. At that time the operation changed, and the Kipps distributed New Era Dairy products. Later New Era Dairy was acquired by Prairie Farms Dairy which is presently serving a large area with quality products. A few years ago Bonnie and I became more actively interested in collecting milk bottles.

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Here are some photos of my embossed Illinois bottles.

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You can use milk bottles in your decorating schemes. Click to see a Kipp bottle with a floral arrangement or to see a corner of the Kipp dining room. As a hobby, collecting antique bottles will be educational, fun, and enjoyable. Since I collect bottles, some bottles are available only for trade. I have bottles for sale, with the condition accurately described and offered at a fair price. The Kipp bottles are embossed and include an original cap as was used. The quart bottles are $18.50 each and the pint bottles are $14.50 each, plus shipping and handling. (Floral arrangements are not included.) The quart bottles are in mint condition, and the pint bottles are mint or near mint. Shipping and handling is $8.50 for the first quart or pint bottle and $3.50 for each additional bottle in the same shipment with the 48 contiguous states. Shipping and handling for a 1/2 pint or 1/3 quart bottle is $4.50. Price for shipping elsewhere, larger quantities, or creamers will be determined. If you are not satisfied with any bottle purchased, you may return it for a full refund any time within 20 days of the purchase exclusive of shipping and handling.

Color-applied lettering, or pyro glaze lettering, became available in the early 1930ís. All bottles with pyro lettering are filled with white styrofoam beads and are ready for you to display and enjoy. The bottle will have a cap or cover, but not a cap original to the dairy named on the bottle. Check this page often for information about milk bottles offered for sale. You will find bottles attractive to you for reasons such as the messages or scenes on the bottles. In earlier years of milk bottle collecting, collectors sought only embossed bottles for their collection. As collectors and decorators used the styrofoam beads to insert into the bottles the beauty of pyro bottles the interest to collect them grew. It is fair to say that the round bottles are more collectible than the square bottles. Square bottles are becoming collectible.

At the present time we would like to trade for a round quart milk bottle with pyro lettering from Louisiana. The tall round bottles are preferred. We want to have the bottle include the name of the city and state. We also hope the reverse side of the bottle includes attractive information.

In the future more pictures will appear and more bottles will be offered for sale. Please check our page and we hope to hear from you.

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